Plant a Tree

The Project

A climate action platform that enables anyone to plant tree(s) on earth, have it geo tagged and name entered into the “Book of Roots,” as a priceless gift to self or a loved one

For every tree planted, we create unique connections, create jobs and reduce carbon emissions to help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals #13 Climate Action by 2030

The Program

My Roots Project allows anyone to plant a tree in over 193+ countries around the world to save the planet and become a global green citizen. 

My Roots in Africa, focuses on plantinf trees in Africa. 

In the future, people will not ask, “where are you from?” people will ask, “where do you have roots?”


• To combat climate change

• To create unique connections between people and places

• To support people with a sense of identity i.e. diaspora to homeland

• To have your name written in the “Book of Roots.


Commited To Protect And Enhance Our Environment

In line with goal 13 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, to take urgent action to combat climate change, we will enable the global community to order tree(s) to be planted, and names entered into the “Book of Roots,” on every major continent on earth to reduce carbon emissions and help the world achieve its sustainable development goal of climate action before 2030.

Let's get you started...

Plant a Tree in Africa

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